Public Warning and Notification System

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  • Complex system of warnings, notifications, and reporting
  • Warns the population in case of emergencies (natural disasters,
    leakage of dangerous substances etc.)
  • Interconnects the user with the national system of warnings and
    notification of the Czech Republic
  • Clear graphic user interface for easy system operation
  • Reliability, redundancy, backing up

The VoiceGuard systems designed to warn and inform the population in time have been built in the Czech Republic between the years 2006 and 2014, using primarily:

  • Water level sensors, harmful substances leakage detection
  • Annunciators, electronic sirens, display boards
  • Central monitoring stations

At the municipal office in city Zlín, the corresponding crisis staff is equipped with a VoiceGuard superstructure, which controls the component systems of particular municipalities.

  • Audio-visual technology – videoconferences
  • Mobile radio stations
  • Camera system

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