Professional Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

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The purpose of perimeter protection is to detect an intruder right on the border of protected area to be able of timely and effective reaction. This means lower risk and prevention of larger damages then the detection of intruder inside the protected site.

PERIDECT+ is a perimeter detection system with exact identification of place of the intrusion and minimal incidence of false alarms thanks to unique system of evaluation using principles of differential logic. Peridect serves to identify the place and manner of the intrusion of protected area on its border.

What PERIDECT+ protects?

  • Industrial and commercial sites
  • Strategic and critical infrastructure
  • Power plants
  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Military areas
  • Embassies
  • National borders

PERIDECT+ advantages and benefits:

  • Exact identification of the place and type of an intrusion
  • Very low false alarm rate thanks to the application of differential logics principles
  • Easy integration into central security systems and CCTV
  • Simple installation, repair and maintenance
  • Long life cycle – smart and simple construction, no moving components
  • Suitable for different types of fencing
  • Applicable in almost all types of terrain (curves and slopes)

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